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Tuesday Tips-How to Take Photos of Sharks

September 10, 2019

“Revival” was taken on a warm sunny day on the island of Moorea in Tahiti. I shot this photo with my Canon 1DX in an SPL Waterhousing. The lens I was using was the Canon 14mm f2.8. The main reason why I like to use the 14 mm lens for Underwater Photography is because of the crisp and smooth effect it has on my images. I also love how this lens does not bend on the corners like a fisheye lens would do.

My first point of advice for taking pictures (or swimming) with Sharks is to relax! I know that these creatures have a bad reputation in todays society but if you have an open mind, you will see that they are not meant to harm you. 

Alpha sharks are mainly swimming above other sharks, so make sure that you are close to the surface to show them that you are Alpha. Another great tip is to keep your hands close to your chest to let the sharks know that you are not there to harm them.

The settings I used for this shot were: 
Focal Length:
14 mm
Shutter Speed:
1/1600 sec

Aperture is very important when it comes to over under shots. While using my 8 inch over under dome, my goal is to capture the landscape as well as the subject. I waited patiently for this moment to happen. Let nature come to you!  

Make sure that your dome port is clean and has a film of saliva to avoid water drops. Weird…I know. It works, trust me. Also dip your housing above and under water slowly to try and get the right composition. Moving around and trying new angles is key with the over under! 

Check out “Revival” here:

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