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Tuesday Tips-“Ohana”

October 1, 2019

 During times like these, you have to keep your composure and not blow the shot! Lets take a deeper look at “Ohana” for this weeks “Tuesdays Tips”.

Swimming with these beautiful creatures is a blessing and mind blowing. If you want to obtain clean shots of dolphins, make sure to have them come to you and never swim towards them. That will only agitate them and your photo is already ruined. When it comes to wildlife photography, you want to capture animals in their “Natural” element. When you let nature take its course, your photos will stand out more than ever.

During this shot, I had to make sure my exposure was right as well as my composition. Since I was shooting towards the sun, I had to make sure my shutter speed and ISO correlated. I decided to bump up my ISO a little to bring light towards the dolphins. Post production is a great tool as well when it comes to creating pristine imagery. Stay tuned for more tips in the future! Check out Ohana here-

My settings were: 
Shutter Speed:
1/800 sec
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