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Tuesday Tips- “Nebula”

December 17, 2019

“Nebula” was taken during a late season swell on The North Shore of Oahu. I captured this photo with my 100mm f2.8 lens and Canon 1DX in an SPL Waterhousing.

Abstract wave photography has been my main focus these past couple of years. The reason why I like shooting with my 100mm macro lens in the shorebreak is because it is a challenge! My number one advice for all of you up and coming photographers and artists, is to be different and create with your own style. Shooting with a macro lens in the water is not an easy task and you will not nail every shot! I repeat, you will not nail every shot! The photos that you do nail will be magical and unique.

After shooting with a wide angle lens and being able to capture almost any shot became stagnant for me. That is just from my own experience, so don’t take my word for it. Shoot with different lenses and even different cameras! I believe that doing this will open up your creative outlet in a different way.

To get this shot, I had to shoot tight and look in my viewfinder while the wave was breaking over my head. This is when things get a little sketchy but the adrenaline level goes up and pure stoke is created after you see the shot come to life!

Focal Length:
100 mm
Shutter Speed:
1/3200 sec

The reason why I named this photo “Nebula” is because it reminded me of “The Pillars of Creation”. “Nebula” was featured in National Geographics Photo of the Day. Check it out here-

Purchase “Nebula” here-
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