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Tuesday Tips-How I Captured “Prays”

September 17, 2019

It comes to show that you should always have your camera on you. Rain or shine, nature provides breath taking moments like “Prays”. 

This day was a day to remember. The rain was non stop and there was no trace of the sun whatsoever. I remember being cooped up at home and editing photos all day. I was getting restless and something was telling me to go shoot. As I got in my car, I was already soaked in water from the rain. I wanted to go back in the house but that feeling of missing out hit me quite hard.

On the way to my destination I said a prayer, plus a couple more. I prayed to God to provide a mind blowing image and for me to not waste my gas money. As the rain poured, so did the traffic. I almost turned around half way there but I decided to stick it out and go for it!

As I pulled up to the spot, I noticed the clouds were starting to dissipate and low and behold, I witnessed one of the most eye capturing sunsets to date. For this shot, I illuminated the water with my flash and made sure that my composition was right with my fish eye lens. I decided to use my 10-17mm fish eye lens and crank it to 17mm. This allowed a tighter composition and decreased the warped corners that it provides at a wider focal length. 

This photo is one of my most popular photos in the galleries and I am stoked that “Prays” can help you go for it! Check it out here-
My settings-Shutter Speed:
1/400 sec
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