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The History Of Fine Art Photography

January 31, 2022

What is Fine Art Photography?

The first question is, “what is fine art photography?” The definition of fine art photography is creating luxury art by expressing creativity through the lens of a camera. The quality of fine art is high caliber and brings value to the consumer or viewer. Not only is fine art about expression, but aesthetics play a big role as well.

Fine Art Photography
Danny Sepkowski’s Limited Edition Fine Art Photo of “Nebula”. Order yours today!

The History Of Fine Art

According to Saatchi Art, “Historically, fine art encompassed painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and poetry”. In todays ever changing society with advanced technology, it is safe to say that photography has been added as a medium.

The start of fine art can be dated way back in the Renaissance Period and even earlier. From the “Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh, to “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa” by Hohusai, Fine art has made an impact in history.

starry night van gogh
“Starry night” By Vincent Van Gogh.

Fine Art only appeared as an idea in the 18th century. Charles Batteux was a french philosopher who was the author of “Les Beaux Arts réduits à un même principe in 1746″. His belief was that Fine Art should be defined as a single principle. He also believed that fine art was built by poetry, painting, music, sculpture and dance. His philosophy about fine art was-“let’s choose the most beautiful parts of nature, to make an exquisite whole, more perfect then nature, but never ending to be natural”.

History Of Photography

The first photographic camera was invented in 1839 by Alphonse Giroux. At first, the camera was used for commercial work or documentation. After years of improvements of the camera, artists started to emerge.

Giroux's daguerreotype camera, 1839

Giroux’s Daguerreotype Camera, 1839

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams was a San Francisco born artist that actually transitioned from being a musician to a photographer. He is a key factor in the history of fine art photography. His love for nature was second to none and his landscape photography showed it. His goal was not about making money, but to take care of the environment. Ansel Adams was a key player in “The American Conservation Movement”. The movements mission was to protect landscapes throughout the world. His work was also starting to be recognized as an art form which started to pave the way for landscape photography.

Ansel Adams
Legendary photographer “Ansel Adams” doing what he does best.

Robert Capa

Robert Capa was a war documentary photographer as well as a photo journalist. His work captured the emotional side of war as well as the story behind it. His photos still inspire photo journalists today. Robert Capa has to come to mind when it comes to the history of fine art photography. He was known to be a part of the action during his assignments. His assignment for The Spanish Civil War actually had him almost die in a plane crash. He walked away from that crash and documented some of the most historic war photos in history.

Robert Capa
Robert Capa in the work field.

Fine Art Photography Today

Fine Art Photography today is a different story. There are numerous mediums of Fine Art Photography which include landscapes, seascapes, abstract, and even portraiture. The level of art is unlimited in todays society with the ever vast advancement of technology. Who is bringing Fine Art Photography to another level in todays world?

Abstract Seascape Photography
Abstract Seascape of “Texturen” is available for purchase now.

Peter Lik

In terms of leading the game in Fine Art Photography today, Peter Lik owns that realm. His work has sold in the millions and his luxury fine art prints grace the walls of numerous celebrities homes as well as high class mansions around the world. His photo “Phantom” sold for 9 million dollars! His panoramic prints and detailed acrylic prints are not a cheap investment though!

My Take On Fine Art Photography

Waves and Seascapes are my favorite subjects to capture with my camera. Abstract photography would have to be my forte since I like to shoot and compose my photos tight. Over the years, my 100mm lens has allowed me to capture the details of waves before they actually break. As a result, I have found my style in photography and integrated my photography with Fine Art Prints.

Abstract Wave
Abstract Wave Photo Of “The Eye” will look great in any space.

In conclusion, the history of Fine Art impacts the way I take photos today. From being inspired by the composition skills of Ansel Adams, or the drive and hustle that Peter Lik has, I am always elevating my skills to bring my work to your walls. My luxury prints are also not going to cost you an arm and a leg compared to other artists as well!

Danny Sepkowski Photography
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