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How To Transform Your Office With Wall Art

January 6, 2022

6’x8′ Large Format Print of “Agape”. Order your fine art print today.

Transform Your Office With Wall Art

How to transform your office with wall art. The office is a space where work can be done and goals can be achieved. Whether you are a business owner or working at home during these Covid-19 times, your office should be designed with pride. When it comes to business and achieving your goals, your surroundings can be a factor for your mindset as well as productivity. Businesses and workplaces have been impacted greatly due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. There is great news for all of you office dwellers out there. Art can relieve stress and increase workflow during these trying times!

When you have an office in mind, do you want clutter and paper surrounding yourself? Of course not! Minimalistic designs and peaceful art can transform the work environment. Having a simple clean aesthetic flow in your office can help you get work done and avoid distractions. When you add wall art to the mix, you can enjoy a peaceful setting and get work done with ease.

Inspiration And Your Office

There are various types of wall art to choose from in todays world. From paintings, to photography prints, the right piece of art for your office is out there! A big part of having the right print on the wall in your office is inspiration. Before you purchase a print to fill your space ask yourself, “what inspires me to get work done?”

dolphin print
Enhance your office with a fine art print of “Solitude” today.

For me, nature photography is a big inspiration in my life as well as making a living in Hawaii. With that being said, I have a fine art nature print of Dolphins swimming in the pristine waters of Hawaii. This print allows me to take a breathe when I need a break from work and it also reminds me how valuable it is to call Hawaii home no matter what I am going through at the moment.

Art And Being Organized

Being a wave photographer from Hawaii means that I have to be organized. From booking photo shoots to delivering fine art nature prints, an organized office is ideal. How can art help my workflow? My go to for keeping my workflow are wall calendars! Not only can you benefit with having everything written down, but you can have art (that is not too big) grace your walls.

My 2022 Calendar line can be a great fit for any office out there. Need to take a step back and enjoy the views of paradise? Our 2022 Tropical Beaches Calendar can help and is currently our best seller. The best characteristic of this calendar is that you are able to jot down goals, plans, and appointments and enjoy art at the same time.

Calendars can fill up wall space that do not require something too big. We all do not own a corporate office that can install a large format museum quality print. With a calendar, you can fill up the office space without over doing it and can still add a sense of relaxation to it as well. When it comes to designing your office, keep it simple! I believe that a simple office setup can relieve stress and help you stay focused!

2022 Dolphins Calendar
A simple office setup with our “2022 Dolphins Calendar”

Large Artwork For Office Walls

Large Artwork Install of “Agape” and “Parade” at “Better Homes Hawaii” Office.

When it comes to corporate offices, large artwork for their office walls will most likely be the call. The first step for purchasing art for your office is to think about your clients first! In a corporate office, the goal is to keep clients comfortable and almost feel at home which can possibly execute a business deal for the company.

In Hawaii, our Sealife Photography does well for offices. Our best seller is “Parade”. This Dolphin print has been gracing the walls of many offices over the years. Offices usually like to place this image in a lobby because it can help their clientele relieve stress and enjoy the scenery while they wait for a big meeting. Dolphins can give a sense of happiness so having this type of print may do better than a shark photo. Most people may think sharks are aggressive and might not enjoy the feel of that print as much as dolphins or whales.

ocean life decor
Our Sealife photo of “Parade” was taken during a pristine swim in Hawaii.

Breathing Room For Your Office Walls

Big prints in an office are ideal if there is space for it. My rule of thumb is to always let your prints breathe! Without breathing room, the prints will overtake the feeling of the room and can almost be a distraction. I like to measure the whole wall before installation and make sure that each side has an equal amount of space to breathe. This allows people to enjoy fine art photography while getting their work done in the corporate world.

Office Wall Art
40×80 print of “God’s Plan” seen here with perfect breathing room on the walls in a corporate office.

As you can see above, there is an even amount of space around this fine art wave print. This makes it easy for the viewers eyes and the aesthetics of the room is improved substantially. Bigger can be better in some situations but the art of balance and simplicity can go a long way. Workers will be able to see the difference with art on the walls and who knows, maybe it will help them make more sales as well!

In conclusion, it is all about simplicity and thinking about your clientele and what inspires you. Investing in fine art photography for an office is essential for all business owners out there. It is our goal to provide the highest quality wall art for any type of business. Feel free to shoot us an email at for Office Wall Art Inquiries.

Danny Sepkowski Photography

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