Danny Sepkowski


Award winning photographer Danny Sepkowski is bringing his strong and powerful presence to the world of visual arts.

In addition to being recognized in numerous iconic publications like National Geographic, Canon, and The Smithsonian, Danny’s commercial body of work has enabled him to team up with sporting powerhouse Oakley, as well as the Hawaii Tourism Bureau. His passion for travel and culture has sent him to 15 countries and 25 states, providing him with an unlimited source of inspiration. Danny’s aim is to continuously engage not only the visual part of our senses, but to stimulate our innermost passions and desires through his art. He is driven by the need to showcase God’s beauty and majesty in all its glory, often putting himself at risk to do so. For Danny, the art is worth the sacrifice!


Directed & Shot by Reno-Oner Champ

Narrated by Puakea Nogelmeier

Dedicated to the children of Waianae Coast and Keawa Ula